Mar 2009 Update

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2009 Publications Include:
5. Demystifying Self-awareness of Autonomic Systems. ICT ‘09 Mobile summit.
Mikhail SMIRNOV et al (including Alan Davy and Kevin Quinn)
6. Lei Shi, Jing Fu and Xiaoming Fu, Loop-Free Forwarding Table Updates with Minimal Link Overflow, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Dresden, Germany, June 2009.
7. Lei Shi and Alan Davy, Security Considerations for Intrinsic Monitoring within IPv6 Networks , Proceedings of 9TH IEEE International Workshop on IP Operations and Management (IPOM 2009), Venice, Italy, Oct 2009.
8. Shim6 Enabled Ubuntu Live CD Image Live CD Image

Jan 2009 Update



Jan 2009 Update

After a successful first year where 12 deliverables and 10 milestone reports were delivered from the EFIPSANS project, EFIPSANS moves into its second year which includes:

  •  The first meeting of the AFI.  The AFI is the "Autonomic network engineering for the self-managing Future Internet".  This group is an ISG (Industry Specification Group) inside ETSI to suggest European standard in the are of Autonomics.  The first meeting is scheduled for Feb 26th.

  • Plans to attempt to investigate possible Internet Drafts in 3 areas In-line Congestion Reporting, IPv6 Extension Dependencies and ICMPv6 extensions (including Hop-By-Hop extension restrictions)
  • Project Review is scheduled for March 12th

Our publications in the first year were:

  1. "Creating a viable Evolution Path towards Self-Managing Future Internet via a Standardizable Reference Model for Autonomic Network Engineering"
    Chaparadza et al (including Alan Davy and Kevin Quinn)
    To be published in FIA PRAGUE 2009 (accepted)

  2. "An approach to Measurement Based Quality of Service Control for Communications Networks"
    Alan Davy, Brendan Jennings, Dmitri Botvich
    To be published in IM 2009 Dissertation Digest (accepted)
  3. "Monitoring within an Autonomic Network: A GANA based Network Monitoring Framework"
    Anastasios Zafeiropolus, Athanassios Liakopolus, Alan Davy, Ranganai Chaparadza
    Submitted to IEEE JSAC 2009
  4. "Towards a Testbed Instantiation of GANA: Realising Autonomic Site-Multihoming"
    Alan Davy, John Ronan, Lei Shi, Ranganai Chaparadza
    Submitted to ICAC 2009

Project Summary

The EFIPSANS project aims at exposing the features in IP version six protocols that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing or building autonomic networks and services.
In this project, a study of the emerging research areas that target desirable user behaviours, terminal behaviours, service mobility, e-mobility, context-aware communications, self-aware, autonomic communication/computing/networking will be carried out. Desirable autonomic(self-*) behaviours in diverse environments (e.g. end systems, access networks, wireless and fixed network environments) will be captured and specified.
Appropriate IPv6 protocol or architectural extensions that enable the implementation of the captured desirable autonomic behaviours will be sought and specified. A selected set of the specified autonomic behaviours will be implemented and demonstrated. Also, technical reports on the concrete IPv6 feature combination scenarios including any new extensions used to implement the selected set of autonomic behaviours will be presented. The vision is that, the specified autonomic behaviour specifications, the identified exploitable IPv6 features and new protocol and architectural extensions will one day be standardised in the long run (after the first 3 years of EFIPSANS) i.e. maturing from being drafts to standards.
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